Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seeing God

I was having a stressful night. I decided to take a break from homework and go lay outside and look at the stars. It was freezing outside, but as soon as I saw the Little Dipper, I couldn't move. I was captivated by the stars, even though I couldn't see too many of them. I thought of one line of a song I like that describes the stars as being "up on heaven's boulevard." I thought that was a pretty accurate description. It seemed like I was seeing a tiny piece of heaven up there in the sky. It amazed me to think that God created all the stars I could see and SO many more. I was looking at part of a masterpiece. Thinking about this made me overwhelmed with peacefulness. I was overcome by a sudden urge to share all these random moments of closeness with God. And thus, this blog was created. It may serve no purpose for anyone at all. It may be a waste of a URL...But maybe, just maybe, God will do me the immense honor of using my voice to say something that could possibly help you.

If it helps just a tiny bit, that makes it more than worth it for me.

It's amazing to me how something as simple as gazing at stars could turn my day around. I was looking for relief, and God gave it to me through the stars. My worries disappeared. The stress dissolved and it pained me to return to reality after such a beautiful encounter with God.

I see God through nature a lot of the time. Whenever I see a ray of sunlight peaking out behind the clouds, I immediately connect it with God. To me, it means God's love is shining down on me from above. The same applies for looking at the wonderful stars in the night sky. One of the most serene moments of my life occured this past summer. I was laying outside on a boat looking up at the stars in the middle of the ocean during vacation. There was no other light to distract me from God's beauty. I counted 7 shooting stars and spent probably two hours out there. Though I believe no backyard stargazing session can compare, every time I look up at the night sky's stars I am reminded of the beauty of God's creation.

The sky represents so much for me. It serves as a reminder not only of God's beautiful handiwork, but also of heaven. The sky reaches up into the heavens, into the unknown beautiful abyss. I like to think heaven is in some alternate dimension up there in the magnificent sky. It seems like the only place worthy of housing the Kingdom of God.

Sometimes, God is right under my nose instead of above my head. Most of the time, He goes by unnoticed. I often fail to realize His presence in the little things: the song lyric that answers my prayer, a smile from a friend, and so much more. God is at work in our lives more than we could possibly imagine. We may feel like our prayers are being ignored until suddenly we realize that the darkness has gone away.

I have found that God uses people in the most unbelievably amazing ways sometimes. It's truly crazy that someone will tell me exactly what I need to hear exactly when I need to hear it. It never ceases to amaze me when the sermon at Mass answers exactly the question I had asked God.

Sometimes, we wish we could just know the correct answers right from the start. But God has other plans. It is so much more gratifying, I think, to see your prayers answered in the most unexpected places. THAT is proof of God!

In fact, I know that proof of God can be found in each soul we meet. After all, God is the one who breathed the life into us all. Whether we ask for it our not, God works through us. Maybe it is a song played at exactly the right time, a blog post that answers our prayers, the compliment that makes our day, etc. Or it could be a bit more difficult to spot: the sun shining down on you or a warm breeze that puts you at peace. It may sound "stupid", but I honestly believe that these types of things are signs from God that are often overlooked. He lights up the sky to tell us that He's watching over us. He speaks to you through a neighbor to tell you that He has not abandoned you.

HE'S EVERYWHERE!  I promise you this. All we have to do to see Him everywhere is open our eyes.

I saw God on the way to Fort Worth this summer.

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